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This is me...Warts and all...My Hopes, My Dreams, My Fears, My Fancies, My Regrets, My Inspirations...Things I don't tell the people I know...Because most of them just aren't interested.
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For anyone planning on doing a bit of recreational demon summoning…..

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"Reality ruined my life"

I would - One Direction

Never was a truer word spoken.

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""Something nasty in your garden’s waiting
Patiently, till it can have your heart
Try to go but it won’t let you
Don’t you know it’s out to get you running
Keep on running
They’re running after you babe “
Bucks Fizz - Land of Make Believe (1981)"

For full lyrics:

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Bucks Fizz - Land of Make Believe (1981)

An all time favourite tune of mine which came out during the year of my birth.

I’m often escaping to a make believe land in my head when real life becomes to much of a mundane let down to deal with.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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My big girl getting a tad overly affectionate with her 1D poster

She seems to think that I have Liam stashed away somewhere in our house…I don’t recall kidnapping him but I checked around anyway.

He isn’t here…Pity.

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you know how eyes are the windows to the soul

well eyebrows are therefore probably important too somehow

anyway the point of this post is that everyone in one direction has really expressive eyebrows. everyone.

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One of my all time favourite tv commercials…It takes me right back to being a little kid writing my Christmas list and planning how to best spend my pocket money.

I still find myself randomly humming the tune even after all these years!

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You know it’s nearly Christmas when…

The Coca-Cola trucks head into town!

Merry Christmas!

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"Oh I wish that, everyday was Christmas…What a nice way to spend the year"

Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin’ Stevens

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I’m a Closet Cheesy Pop fan……..

I may look pretty cool walking around the city Gothed up/Grunged out in my knee high DM’s and my army jaket, wearing too much black eye liner, red lipstick and with big messy hair - but I am more likely than not hiding behind my over sized glasses listening to One Direction.

My days of listening to Marilyn Manson, NIN, Coal Chamber or White Zombie on rotation seem to be gone. They rarely get a look in at the moment.

If I download anything from iTunes it tends to be top 40 pop stuff or classic rock/pop tunes.  I dub them my ‘Guilty Pleasures’ as I am truely quite dissapointed in myself for liking this kind of stuf so much…but I just can’t help it. I honestly could listen to (and look at!) One Direction all day.

What the devil happened to me????

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